More outdoor projects !!

A small “yard sale” sign is displayed “twenty-four seven.”  The carport has been in disarray–until today. I reorganized… and swept the area. Occasionally a potential customer stops by so my items are now in “less disarray.”  I’ve refrained from advertising the yard sale (again) because the weather too hot and humid for folks to venture outdoors. Furthermore, I speculate the 4th of July holiday week wouldn’t attract shoppers. This morning I sprayed Fels Naptha solution on several plants that have bugs eating the leaves. In the past, I’ve written about making homemade natural products for insecticide and fertilizer. I “almost” fertilized the plants today because almost the first of the month. “Almost but not quite.”  I’ll fertilize in a day or two. ~~ It’s almost two o’clock and I’m waiting and watching for the plumber.  I think this will be “evaluate and estimate.” I’m hoping he’ll “do” the job another day so I can contact my neighbors and let them know the water will be shut off. (I won’t inconvenience the other folks on this well the way my landlady and her stepson inconvenienced us.)  ~~



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