Property plumbing problems

I’ve expressed my concern and sympathy in earlier blog messages.

Two weeks later.

A day later.

Look at my landlady’s “body language.” I mistakenly thought she departed with her stepson. I “keep my distance”; I use “telephoto” to “get up close.” I wished for more pictures… but rarely venture across the driveway. ~~ Suddenly “landlady” made her appearance–with hands on hips and scowl on her face.

Next door, major indoor plumbing problems started prior to early February. Several men were digging in hopes they’d find the water “shut off. (Unsuccessful.) The “indoor” problem wasn’t corrected until early May. By that time, water bubbling up through a crack in the cement, in the carport. Still no “shut off” to this property; many residents inconvenienced when the water turned off at the well.

“This old lady”  approached the digging project (twice) and successfully found water lines.



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