Glued to the computer (same old story) !!

Yesterday, about seventeen hours straight “climbing the family tree.”  As I said recently, there isn’t a stopping point. If you were here, you would hear me groan occasionally. I search for the maiden name of the mother and “OMG” another Frantz woman, or another woman from a valuable collateral line. A couple days ago, “oh no,”  because I had connected to a family in my maternal family tree (from my paternal tree)!! **(“It’s a small world after all.”)**

This evening, Ancestry sent me an email message about possible additional information. I “captured” the image because (for me) it says a lot. I’m listing hundreds of names and I’m rewarded with hundreds of hints. I marvel at Ancestry‘s remarkable computer system. It gives me information within seconds after I click on a “hint.” Imagine thousands of people using Ancestry at the same time and everyone getting answers within seconds. Sometimes I experience Ancestry anticipating my request and “filling in the blanks” before I ask. Uncanny!!

Remember my “warm fuzzy”? I’ve been working with that family for several days. Yesterday, quite unexpectedly, I went to my website titled Digitized Library and Family History and found a gold mine of information about that family (chapters 8-12, pp. 22-45). A “cousin” sent the information in May 1997 and I scanned and published it a year or two ago. (Yesterday, my mind was anticipating my request and [almost] filled in the blanks before I asked.) ~~ Only makes sense to me (?) but that’s why Ancestry‘s  “hint” message was appreciated.

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