Change of plans


Cool enough to have the door open. I started out the door and believe it or not decided I needed a sweater. My purse was over my shoulder, I was ready to go grocery shopping. “No, I’ll work on projects at home.”

Still raining.

Changed “change of plans”


The weather was delightfully pleasant. I didn’t need the sweater. Today, a lot of “impulse” buying. I don’t “need” three more vases… but they will look nice on a “bottle tree.” I don’t “need” some of the items from CVS but they were “on sale.”  I don’t “need” Gaterade (from the market) but it was in the “markdowns” (deeply discounted). I rushed home to put perishables into the refrigerator and freezer.



Then I rushed across the street to the Escapees RV Club Headquarters to pick up mail for a friend. (“Friend” can’t get there before 4:00 PM). I stopped to visit with a friend with her law office in the Headquarters building. 

Amazing how much I can accomplish when the weather is less humid.

“Warm fuzzy” ?!

It is such a pleasure to receive an affirmation for my work on Ancestry. The following is one of three messages sent to another researcher.

Joanna, I hope this link connects you to information I received from Beverly Cayford. I went to my website titled Digitized Library of Family History and found the correspondence. Here’s the link:

I know you already have all the information but I thought you might like to see how we did genealogy “in the old days.”

Best wishes from Lorraine

In return, I received the following:

Dear Lorraine, I actually am Beverly Cayford; I have gone by Joanna for a long time, but it’s not my legal name. I am glad to know that you remember me with approval. I have the highest regard for your work and refer other Neher or Frantz researchers to it. Not only your research but your ability to organize the incredibly complex relationships into intelligible trees is most impressive. Thank you for all your work, and keep it up!

Life is good!!

Glued to the computer ?!

and Lorraine has been working at two computers all day!! Yes, I was “climbing trees” on both computers at the same time. There is never a stopping point. Two days on one family. Here are two “comments” I attached to Beverly’s grand-aunt.

For the record: It took many hours of research to document all the marriages of this woman–and her husbands. (Beulah Grace Neher is my fourth cousin two-times removed and I am devoted to accurate documentation of “the Frantz family” and collateral lines. ~~ (Lorraine Frantz Edwards, 20 Jun 2019) ~~ ADDITIONS & CORRECTIONS WELCOME ~~

Seriously, I documented more than forty individuals as I followed “hints” for spouses and their spouses, and their children. I did not count the number of sources documented but in excess of one hundred. I only mention these details because it is extremely important to document every available source for every individual. The twenty-two (22) “facts” for Beulah were not conveniently available at the click of a green leaf; some details were revealed through the spouse records.. ~~ (Lorraine Frantz Edwards, 20 Jun 2019) ~~


Today, I planned to do “a few” while enjoying my morning coffee. There was NEVER a stopping point; I’ve been glued to the computers all day. Since Commemoration Day and One by one….

Take my word for it ??

No pictures; no clipart!! Just a few words about the heat. It’s 9:05 and I’m indoors after the morning ritual of watering the plants and picking up fallen limbs. It is unbearably hot with 85% humidity. I planned to go grocery shopping BUT changed my mind. I don’t want to go outdoors again today. Well “outdoors” to walk to the refrigerator in the laundry room. Furthermore, I “planned” for another yard sale BUT changed my mind. Like me, folks won’t want to be outdoors?!