Glued to the computer ?!

and Lorraine has been working at two computers all day!! Yes, I was “climbing trees” on both computers at the same time. There is never a stopping point. Two days on one family. Here are two “comments” I attached to Beverly’s grand-aunt.

For the record: It took many hours of research to document all the marriages of this woman–and her husbands. (Beulah Grace Neher is my fourth cousin two-times removed and I am devoted to accurate documentation of “the Frantz family” and collateral lines. ~~ (Lorraine Frantz Edwards, 20 Jun 2019) ~~ ADDITIONS & CORRECTIONS WELCOME ~~

Seriously, I documented more than forty individuals as I followed “hints” for spouses and their spouses, and their children. I did not count the number of sources documented but in excess of one hundred. I only mention these details because it is extremely important to document every available source for every individual. The twenty-two (22) “facts” for Beulah were not conveniently available at the click of a green leaf; some details were revealed through the spouse records.. ~~ (Lorraine Frantz Edwards, 20 Jun 2019) ~~


Today, I planned to do “a few” while enjoying my morning coffee. There was NEVER a stopping point; I’ve been glued to the computers all day. Since Commemoration Day and One by one….

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