Life of Lorraine

The landlady is “going ballistic”  (according to her stepson) because I’m digging in the yard. “No way in hell she’s going to put in a shutoff.” ~~ Dear Journal (dear reader), that’s my “reward” for wanting to do a good deed for this property. (Being a good neighbor.) She’d have me arrested if she could!! ~~ I’m in so much pain, I can’t sleep. It’s 3:30 in the morning and I thought it better to get up and “do something” rather than toss and turn in bed. Guess I’ll climb a tree to take my mind off the stressful situation. (The plumber did not show up and that’s a blessing [in disguise] because “landlady” might have shot us if she saw a contractor’s truck in the driveway.)

On a positive note: (1) Cooler rainy weather and the air-conditioner has been “off” for hours. First time in about two months that I’ve been able to turn off the A/C. (2) Yesterday, a husband and wife saw my small “yard sale” sign and stopped by. They spent $15.00 and promised to come back with a truck for some larger items. (3) I loaded “donations” into the car and “almost” (repeat “almost”) delivered them to two favorite locations. (Habitat for Humanity doesn’t take clothes so “hardware” to them and “software” to another thrift shop.) I haven’t forgotten my vow “New tune in June” ; I’m working to “donate” and “discard.” (What’s a “catchy” theme for July??)


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