In the middle of the night…

…wide awake, unable to sleep, this thought “Why does God love me so?” (Nobody “cares” for me.) Round and round in my mind “Who am I that God should be mindful of me?” The thought was so compelling, I came to the computer and typed the words. This was the first answer. Second: An Invitation to stand in awe of God.

The entire “topic” prompted because I’ve known so little “love” in my lifetime. This Memorial Day weekend is a reminder of my marriage to Donald Edwards, in 1977. It’s a long, sad story that you don’t want to hear. Dates on the calendar stir up memories. “Memories”  keep me awake at night: A mother who rejected me at birth (1935); a husband who deserted me (1964) and his three little boys….

“What’s wrong with me?”  Rejected by my CARE family (and I continue to feel the pain).

Another message from my Google search. So many good messages; I spent hours on the Internet. I’m publishing this at 4:20 AM.


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