Good grief ?!

“Yours truly” is broken-hearted!! A dear friend was released from pain and suffering last night. I’m going to miss him terribly!!

George Bowden has been a valuable member of the CARE community for more years than I’ve known him. He posted pictures very day on our CARE Facebook page; he helped residents with their Jitterbug phones; he resolved WiFi problems. The list is endless.

This past Christmas, George’s daughter send a small Christmas tree in a small nursery container. He decorated it with lights. After Christmas we transplanted the tree into a larger container. Today, I received permission to appropriate the tree as my own.

Earlier this morning, I sent him an email message telling him I have more than 200 plastic sheet protectors for him, for copies of CARE Facebook pictures in display albums.

It is my intention to nurture the tree the duration of my gardening ability, and decorate it at Christmas. I’ll move it to the CARE Center at the appropriate time and periodically announce “See George’s Christmas tree.”  Every year I move a Christmas Cactus from my yard to the CARE Center and remind residents that it is Hazel’s Christmas Cactus.”

Friday, March 31, 2017: George’s family gave me the decorations he used on his little tree. I’ll gladly adorn his tree next Christmas.

3 comments on “Good grief ?!

  1. Yes we will all miss George. Our CARE Community is in a state of shock. Our prayers are with everyone.

  2. Deborah Priebe says:

    So sorry for your loss
    My thoughts & prayers are with
    You all..
    Love the idea of keeping the tree
    and decorative it at Christmas
    It would be great to see pictures
    FB friend of Marjorie Schinke
    I’ve been praying for George.
    He’s probably fixing up stuff in heaven for everybody..

  3. Mary says:


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