Oh, woe is me !!

Remember, I mentioned rain-soaked boxes under the tarp shelter?? This afternoon, Roger moved more boxes for me and I was distressed to find so many saturated envelopes of valuable family history. Another “serious” storm predicted for tomorrow so I brought boxes indoors. I’ve spread pages out to dry. Pages on the floor, too, but not photographed. ~~ As soon as they are dry, they will receive scanning precedence over planned/scheduled material. Each page will need to be placed face down on the flatbed scanner; they will be too curled to stack and run through the sheet feeder. My project just gets bigger every day!!

Found these wet pictures while sorting (and discarding) wet stuff (once believed to be worth saving and storing). Professional photographer took these as I prepared for 1996 publication of 3180 page(s) book family history. Several years later, I published Frantz Families–Kith & Kin on the World Wide Web. I intend to expand the information on the web site.


Almost nine PM and I’m still sifting, sorting, discarding. There are many pictures, stuck together, that could not be rescued. Here’s one dated 1993.

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