Artist at work ?!

The only way I could escape the discomfort*…, escape into the “wonderland” of “A picture is worth a thousand words”  so I prepared “pictures” to illustrate complicated relationships. Perhaps subscribers to Ancestry will “look” at valuable information when they ignored written material. (Who reads Wills and Census records? **)

*My body aches all over!!
**Lorraine reads Wills and Census records.

Progress (no progress) report

I can’t get interested in TVnot even a Hallmark movie. I’m not even interested in “climbing the family tree.”  You might agree that there’s something wrong with me? ~~ Right after I publish this message, I’m planning to wrap up in the Slanket and sip my tea.



Gospel truth !!

I was preparing to write a blog message about “Mrs. Dolittle” because I anticipated that would be the course of my day. All of a sudden, I heard such a clatter, I sprang from my computer chair to see what was the matter. What to my dismayed eyes should appear, “clutter” (a day’s work, I fear).

Coins are all over the floor. Bottle tops, too (because I save “bottle tops” to put in the bottom of plantersbut I’m not “gardening” anymore). You can see my makeshift bookcase of plastic crates. Regrettably, I have too much weight in the upper crates.  ~~~ It’s time to forget “moaning and groaning”  and get busy doing clean-up and reorganizing that corner of my living room. (Shift some to a box for donations?)

Postscript @ eleven and clean-up and organization complete. However, I should sort and discard (or donate).



“Anti-vaxer” vaccinated

“They”  forced me to do it!!

“Shame on them”  (the unvaccinated) is one quote from Meet the Press with Chuck Todd (Sunday, 12 Dec 2021). We (the unvaccinated) have been called “murderers.” (Do an Internet search for articles; I won’t contribute links.) I did not want to put that poison in my body; “they”  forced me to do it.

Twelve hours and counting…

I’m head over heels in an avalanche of Ancestry information. I can’t tear myself away from the computer. No end in sight!! It’s 4:30 in the afternoon and I’m still in my pajamas. Here’s an illustration of my tree: “Colorful” families and closely crocheted together.