Gospel truth !!

I was preparing to write a blog message about “Mrs. Dolittle” because I anticipated that would be the course of my day. All of a sudden, I heard such a clatter, I sprang from my computer chair to see what was the matter. What to my dismayed eyes should appear, “clutter” (a day’s work, I fear).

Coins are all over the floor. Bottle tops, too (because I save “bottle tops” to put in the bottom of plantersbut I’m not “gardening” anymore). You can see my makeshift bookcase of plastic crates. Regrettably, I have too much weight in the upper crates.  ~~~ It’s time to forget “moaning and groaning”  and get busy doing clean-up and reorganizing that corner of my living room. (Shift some to a box for donations?)

Postscript @ eleven and clean-up and organization complete. However, I should sort and discard (or donate).



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