Once upon a time…

in the land of Oz Ohio, there was a Greeterat Walmartwho wore silly hats and costumes. The customers loved it–and “the Greeter” enjoyed the diversification. The red dress did double-duty: Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Against my beliefs about Easter, Walmart management encouraged me to wear a “Bunny” costume at Easter. (Little bunny at the entrance and large bunny in the Photo Department.) Way back in 2004 and 2005, folks had their pictures developed at the Walmart Photo Department. At Christmas, and Easter, customers were encouraged to take their children to the photo department for a picture with Santa or the Bunny. A “sales pitch” (of course) because the parents would buy pictures of their child with Santa or the Bunny.

The “Greeter” often wore this fine jewelry necklace

during non-holiday ordinary days.  😉

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