Lorraine’s Omicron symptoms

Gratefully, three times in two days, I enjoyed “sleep” in my bed. Then I would awaken and start coughing. It feels like the cough starts in my stomach and ripples, painfully, all the way to my mouth. With the cough, a gob of phlegm. Paired with the cough, the need to blow my nose. There seems to be an endless amount of mucus.

I am so tired (even after several hours of sleep) so I move to my comfortable glider and wrap up in the Slanket (blanket with sleeves). Sometimes, I cough for two hours. Cough drops don’t seem to help.

I called the ownermanager of this RV Park to ask if he is OK. He isand nobody is sick. “Did you get a test?”  was his question. Under the best of conditions, I hate to drive in the terrible Waco traffic. This sick old lady is in no condition to drive to a testing site. (TV news shows hundreds of cars lined up waiting for the test. Furthermore, the TV news says tests are depleted in many locations.)

My throat is raw and I pamper it was applesauce and soft food. Honestly, I have no appetite. I’ve been drinking “Boost”  for some nutrition. My head, and eyes, ache

I “caught” this at one of two recent activities here in the RV Park. (I haven’t been off the property for several weeks.) We had waffles on Friday and Christmas potluck lunch on Saturday. Today is “day four” of being unproductive (no climbing the family tree). This message may be my only accomplishment (prepared a little at a time).

On a positive note: Dr. Ben Carson was on a FOX NEWS program and said (paraphrased) that Omicron is a blessing in disguise. It may cause antibodies to combat Covid-19 and the Delta variant.

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