Caring in sharing !!

“Sharing” is caring and I am so grateful for the thoughtful gifts from a dear friend. Her letter comments on my neglect of meal preparation (“neglect” is my word, not hers). Lots of easy meals with some recipe suggestions. My comfortable chair (the picture background) was not large enough for all the items. I spread my “Slanket”  on the bed so everything could be seen (with another neutral background). Look, see the two magnifiers because she knows I’m losing my vision.  An “Energizer”  band because I lack energy. And Deb must be psychic because four new pens since my decadesold collection of pens are exhausted. (I scribble a lot of helpful notes when I’m researching.) There is a lampand batteriesif we lose power this winter. There are so many “goodies” that I would not buy for myselflike cashews–because “too expensive.” SINCERE  THANKS  DEB!!


Postscript @ 6:00 PM: A little investigation and I figured out the “Energizer”  item isn’t for energy. Now I need to figure out how to take advantage of the gift. Read a book by lamplight? Explore a cave?


Postscript @ 6:45 PM: This cute little light reminds me of my RVing experiences. With my tiny teardrop trailer, I had to keep things smalland useful. I met “Deb” in Exeter, New Hampshire, in 2010. She has been a dear friend all these years–and is so generous with Christmas gifts!!

One comment on “Caring in sharing !!

  1. Deb says:

    Your friends just don’t want you to be cold or in the dark, lol. Glad you had a nice Christmas. We had beautiful weather here, too. Not quite as warm as you but great to be outside.

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