Just a cold ?

I hasten to say “This is my journal.”

I have all the symptoms of a bad cold. (“Bad cold,” no explanation needed.) Do I have the Omicron virus? (Look how paranoid I am. I’ve been so cautious for twenty-two months.)

We have had “yoyo” weather: Extreme temperatures in the span of a week. Infrequently, I have spent time (hot and cold) riding my three-wheel bike and/or puttering in the yard. Did I “catch a cold”?

It’s 4:20 AM, Monday morning, as I prepare this message (couldn’t sleep). I’ll “schedule” the publication for later in the day. Keeping my fingers crossedand praying“It’s just a cold.”


A marvelous gift arrived in my email. A cousinpublisher of Mennonite Family Historywas reading my blog and chose to publish “Caged animal” in the April issue of Mennonite Family History. “Cousin” sent an image of the formatted story as it will appear in the magazine. This has been a “miracle drug” for me; suddenly, my symptoms disappeared!!

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