Still shifting, sorting & saving !!









Not only shifting, sorting and saving, but stretching, straining, sweating and soreness.  (No swearing!!)  For many months, boxes containing health and nutrition books were along that wall.  Now there is genealogy (family history), office supplies, collector’s plates and a foot locker.  This morning I removed collector’s plates from the foot locker and will advertise the decades-old foot locker for sale.  For all my good intentions, advertising things for sale is no guarantee they will sell.  I’ve advertised the collector’s plates numerous times and have sold very few.  ~~  It’s 2 o’clock and my arms, and back, ache from lifting the heavy plastic crates.  Now many crates??  Twenty-three, and they were handled several times!!  Crates, suitcases, foot lockers and trunks have been great receptacles for storage, and moving, containers.**  See all those suitcases full of photo albums??  (Note the clippings of Calibrachoa plant in preparation for next Spring and Summer hanging baskets.  I’m uncertain of the names of two plants in the large pots.  Since I trimmed them to bare soil, and brought them indoors, they have been growing remarkably fast.) ~~  To my right (as I sit here preparing this blog), my printer sits on an old, old printer stand.  In turn, the old, old printer stand sits on top of one (of two) old trunks*  from my maternal grandfather.  This trunk is full of my parents and grandparent’s pictures.  My “downsizing” project is, regrettably, endless!!  ~~  This is “Black Friday” and I am not out shopping; there isn’t a single thing I need!!!!!!!!!

* Trunks older than me!!  ~~  **Believe it or not, I have some empty crates and plastic storage containers.

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