Garden Tower

Garden Tower Season's Greetings


Five o’clock PM on a very, very gloomy day. Unable to spend time in the yard, I checked gardening sites–after receiving the above email greeting from Garden Tower Project. The message rekindled my desire to purchase the item. I wrote about my interest in earlier blog messages: 1) Composting, 2) Here’s more, 3) I would… if I could, 4) Saturday Schedule.

I won’t complain about the meals served at CARE. From several sources, the food has adequate nutrition. However, I’ve followed a holistic lifestyle for over thirty-five years. I crave more naturally grown vegetables. 

Granted, I could buy a lot of organic veggies for the price of the unique Garden Tower. Confession: 1) I don’t want to drive into Livingston a couple of times a week, 2) my RV refrigerator isn’t large enough to store a variety. Observation: What could be better than fresh picked salad greens? Furthermore, faithful followers (of my blog) know how much pleasure I receive from my garden.

Amazon has a good price, too (but consider cost of shipping).

Personally, I’ve ordered from Garden Tower Project, Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

Pretty poster.

Next Spring, I’ll order worms from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. ~~ Last year I purchased from… (and “raised”) mealworms for my Bluebirds

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