Saturday schedule

After a productive day–yesterday–today will be disappointingly uneventful. Finally, I’ll plant lettuce, radish, and green onion seeds. (Because I now have planter soil.) Get it done!! More rainy days predicted for next week. I love the beautiful GREEN landscape all around me!!

Garden Tower pictureRemember my plans to buy a garden tower? More than one design available. Remember my desire to enjoy home-grown veggies?? Pictures will reveal that I’m using less expensive (“cheap”) planters. Maybe next year I can buy and use the “tower” design?? (One can dream can’t one??)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The weather was absolutely PERFECT; it was such a joy to work in the yard. When I got started… I couldn’t stop!! I used every last ounce of planter soil (three bags, $25.00). I planted everything except spinach. No soil; no planter. Then I climbed the ladder (several times) trimming dead limbs. Furthermore, I sprayed weeds with “killer.” I hate to do that (chemicals) but easier on this old lady than weed-whacking.  ~~ I made a hasty trip to the dining room for turkey dinner “to go.” I hadn’t wanted to interrupt my work to shower and dress… so slipped into the CARE Center in my work clothes. ~~ Today’s labor may be in vain?! Last year’s seed packets (too expensive to discard). The zucchini may not thrive with their roots confined to planters. One zucchini planter with organic soil and other with ordinary potting soil. I was “on a roll” and didn’t want to stop as long as I had seeds and soil. ~~ Last picture (afterthought): I’m reserving that large planter for several-year-old asparagus plants (arriving any day, from an acquaintance).

Veggie seed packages

Temperature at eight

Strawberry plant bloom

Organic soil in one of four planters

Four planters with soil

Seeds in four planters

Temperature at ten

Zucchini planter on stump

Zucchini seed packet

Zucchini with pepper and tomato

Zucchini in non-organic soil

Tommy got too hot

Strawberry plants

Blue Geraniums look good

Mosquito plant is dead

Trimmed tree limbs

Tommy recovered

A good morning's work

Saving for asparagus plants

Smiley face two thumbs up

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I finally sat down in my rocking chair–on the patio–with my camera in my lap. I watched Hummingbirds come and go (and no picture). I watched recently fledged baby Bluebirds waiting for Daddy to feed them. A Carolina Chickadee came and went (and no picture). ~~ The friend that provided the wire fence also left brand-new unopened bags of organic plant food. I’m delighted; I will definitely use that!!

Two baby Bluebirds with Papa

I love Bluebirds




Organic plant food

Smiley face very good

Time and temperature

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