Expected… and unexpected !!

After the storm, I “expected” to do a lot of clean up. Before the day was over, I had a totally unexpected project. I reached for the Christmas Cactus planning to gently carry it to the CARE Center. I was afraid blooms might fall off if I waited… and then carried it to the Center. The planter broke away from the three slender plastic pieces of the hanging basket. The Christmas Cactus hit the ground, upside down, with soil scattered all around. 1) I lovingly picked it up and put it back in the planter. 2) I gently added more soil around the edges. 3) Now I wait to see if it will recover–and bloom. The “unexpected” meant I should attempt to save the broken pieces of Christmas Cactus. (I’ve been told it is easy to start….) Time will tell whether I eventually have many more.

Damaged Christmas Cactus

Added more soil

Broken pieces

Planted pieces

All in one place

Cleaned up after the storm


Uprooted feeding station

Seven clean feeders


Round tuit The rain-soaked bird seed was caked, like cement, in the feeders. It took a considerable amount of time to clean seven feeders. I “expected” to put the feeding station back in place–with heavier supports–but ran out of energy. Tomorrow, Lord willing, I’ll get “a round tuit.”

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