Christmas Cactus

For nineteen months, I watched this Christmas Cactus suffer through the seasons–and it never bloomed. On Tuesday, May 12, 2015, I spirited it away from the CARE Center with hopes to coax it to bloom for the holidays. The first picture reveals the plant after a night with gentle rain. It was transplanted into a larger planter, with fresh soil. ~~ On June 8, 2015, I could see tiny new growth. On June 15, new growth was very visible. ~~ The plant has thrived in a planter hanging in the shade. I expect flowers before Christmas!!

Christmas Cactus in May

Christmas cactus

Christmas Cactus new growth

Christmas cactus

One comment on “Christmas Cactus

  1. When I lived there I had one that acted the same way so I put it outdoors for the summer, hung it on a tree branch in the shade where my sprinkler system could reach it. Really wondered if that would be too much water but it thrived. I brought it in cottage in Oct. and lo and behold it started to bloom again. Now I have another one that was acting the same way so I did the same thing here, it was on the ground in the shade of a tree. Brought it in a couple weeks ago when it started to get cold and it has buds all over it, pretty peach color. The plant really grew outdoors, no extra watering other than whenever I did the plants. In Sept-Oct my well ran out so you know I had to really watch what I used. Looking forward to enjoy blossoms for the next few weeks. Enjoy yours! Hugs, Patty

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