Attitude of Gratitude !!

Wheelbarrow of fall produceThanks givingGiving THANKS for my many blessings!! Primary: My good health. I live in a community with individuals suffering many issues. How can one be indifferent, or complacent, when (with reasonably good vision) I see my blind neighbor with her seeing-eye dog? My next-door neighbors come-and-go with electric wheelchairs.

I complained about the heat and humidity during the Summer but our Texas Fall and Winter weather is preferable to deep snow, and flooding (like current conditions in Buffalo, New York). Miserable weather in many states!!

Abandoned by my biological family, I’m grateful for the extended family at CARE. ~~ Yes, it required roof repairs but I’m thankful for the 2003 Carriage 5th-wheel trailer. ~~ My old KIA continues to provide reliable transportation. ~~ A thoughtful, considerate, conscientious young man (short-term visitor/volunteer) spent hours establishing my television reception. ~~ The list goes on-and-on: A lady-friend, in Florida, faithfully exchanges email messages. ~~ Time and space preclude full documentation.

Smiley face gratitude

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