Patting myself on the back ?!

Previously, I thought I could not “do” the tarp all by myself. Now I know I can!! At Tractor Supply, I purchased two “anchors.” On this lovely Fall afternoon, I approached the task of securing the tarp for the shelter. I’m so exceedingly grateful for “Bungee” cords and other “tie-down” items. This time around, the shelter doesn’t look as attractive… but (hopefully) it won’t go down in the wind.

Pat on the back

Two anchors

Collapsed tarp

One anchor in the ground

Time and temperature

Partially finished

Chairs cover the anchors

Quite satisfactory

Gratefully, bungee cords

Time and temperature

Morning sunshine on autumn leaves

– – –

The autumn leaves are beautiful on many nearby trees. I’ve been photographing that tree through the seasons.

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