Hello Possum

Smiley face symbol with LOLPossumHa ha, this is so amusing!! The squirrels raid the bird feeders; a possum dines at the squirrel feeder. I also suspect he got the pecans on the cement block front left.  ~~ I was outdoors to take the nine o’clock picture of thermometer and this little guy was not the least intimidated by my presence. He didn’t run away after the flash. 

My neighbors have dogs or cats; I enjoy “wild life.” I strongly believe my expenses are less than friend’s, and neighbor’s, exorbitant veterinary and grooming bills.

Smiley Faces with emotions !!

Smiley faces are a favorite of mine; I like to include them in my blog messages. To boost my current “down in the dumps” spirits, I collected a variety of Smiley faces with emotions. We can’t help smiling as we look at each image!?

Smiley face with finger over lips

Smiley face talking on cell phone

Smiley face with mouth contorted


Smiley face horrified

Smiley Face praying but sad

Smiley face praying


Smiley face with light bulb over head
Smiley face headache

Smiley face headache (better)

Smiley face sticking out tongue

Smiley face with tongue hanging out due to heat (2)

Smiley face with big laugh (good one)

Smiley face with broken head and tongue hanging out

Smiley face with frown and thumb down

Smiley face with one thumbs up and one thumbs down

Smiley face with one thumbs up

Smiley face thumbs up

Smiley face two thumbs up


Smiley face two thumbs up winking

Smiley face thumbs down

Baa-a-a humbug !!

Baa-a-a humbug !!

Smiley faces

Smiley face boringSmiley faces show up in the oddest places as I search the Internet for clip art for my blogs. I have a library of Smiley Face images. These are my most recent additions. ~~~~ Okay, okay, another boring blog message!! ~~~~

Smiley face pulling hair, screaming

Smiley face with black eye

Smiley face with tongue hanging out (2)


Smiley face female with baseball cap

Smiley face female with rollers and curling iron

Smiley face blowing nose

Weather watch

“Up” in the night to check the temperature under the tarp-shelter. Obviously, it isn’t much warmer under the tarp. However, frost won’t get to the plants!! Next purchase: Small electric heater for shelter?! It’s 8 o’clock as I publish this. More details, and pictures, later after I cover planters too large to move under cover.

Temperature at four-forty in shelter

Temperature at five AM

Temperature at six-forty-five

Feels like thirty-two


Thermometer with scarf

Burr cold lady

Sweet and sour !!

Snowman with birds on it“Sweet” to see birds on the new Snowman sunflower seed feeder. “Sour” (bitter) to see the bird seed feeder on the ground. Over fifty dollars spent for the Feeding Station and the “branch” is so weak it bends under the weight of the feeder (and a squirrel?).


Feeder on the ground

Bent bracket


OMG in big lettersNext step: Disassemble the feeding station and take it to a shop to weld the bracket (limb) to the upright (trunk).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, Thursday, December 3, 2015: Rather than disassemble… and take to a welding shop, I reinforced the weak areas with hose clamps. Simple solution and, possibly, as strong (or stronger). Soon, I’ll spray the clamps black so they are less conspicuous. 

Reinforced break

The break