Sweet and sour !!

Snowman with birds on it“Sweet” to see birds on the new Snowman sunflower seed feeder. “Sour” (bitter) to see the bird seed feeder on the ground. Over fifty dollars spent for the Feeding Station and the “branch” is so weak it bends under the weight of the feeder (and a squirrel?).


Feeder on the ground

Bent bracket


OMG in big lettersNext step: Disassemble the feeding station and take it to a shop to weld the bracket (limb) to the upright (trunk).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, Thursday, December 3, 2015: Rather than disassemble… and take to a welding shop, I reinforced the weak areas with hose clamps. Simple solution and, possibly, as strong (or stronger). Soon, I’ll spray the clamps black so they are less conspicuous. 

Reinforced break

The break

4 comments on “Sweet and sour !!

  1. Deb says:

    Or contact the company and tell them they should give you your money back, or replacement product(s).

    • Deb, please understand that it will be less stressful to disassemble… and take to a welding shop. The Feeding Station arrived in a big flat box. I “spread” the branches. Image finding a box to return… and take to Post Office. (Or FedEX pick up?? No FedEX or United Parcel store in Livingston.) I can not entertain the idea of contact with the company and (maybe) return. Too stressful!!

  2. ~~~~~~~~ Amazon wanted a review of the Feeding Station. Below, read my very negative response–plus submission of five pictures. ~~~~~~~~~

    A poorly constructed “tree.” In less than a month, one “branch” bend under the weight of a bird feeder. In my humble opinion, the feeder was not “too heavy.” The “weld” was so poor; the weight bent the branch. A friend suggested I try to return it but it would be difficult to find a box large enough to pack it. (It’s shipped flat but “branches” are spread after set up.) I’ll need to disassemble and take it to a welding shop for repair.

    I’m an avid bird watcher; I have many feeders. This Feeding Station was very attractive (to me) but I did not look for reviews. I should have!! The birds seem to avoid the Feeding Station. One of my feeders is in the exact same location but the birds aren’t visiting it. I suspect the birds are wary of five or six feeders hanging so close together. I wonder if other customers had the same experience.

    In my opinion, the base is not sturdy enough to accommodate several feeders. Although pushed deep into the ground, it toppled when the ground was rain-soaked. I set it deeper in the ground and put two long galvanized pipes next to the base and secured with a hose clamp.

    Frankly, I don’t think this product even warrants one star.

  3. My review was posted. Belatedly, I read all the other reviews. Had I read–before I purchased–I would have saved my money!!!! My complaint was echoed in numerous other comments.

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