Bottle tree insanity ????

Broad view of two new bottle trees

Close up of wire arms

Curious how events play out!! Dozens of items came out of the back of the KIA so James could vacuum and detail. Things have not been returned because I’m “being selective” (sorting for discards and donations). Today, the back of the KIA was empty and available to haul two wire racks from the SPCA Thrift Shop “tent sale.” (A major effort to “downsize.”)

The SPCA of Polk County is having a Giant Tent Sale & Adoption Event today from 9- 3 to raise money to help subsidize adoption fees for the organizations long-term residents (both cats & dogs). Adoption fees for long-term residents will be reduced to $25 and include micro-chipping, all shots & a spay / neuter voucher.

Come on down to 802 S Houston Ave for great deals from the SPCA resale shop. While there, adopt one of their long-term residents for only $25.

Bottle tree close upBecause of the advertised “tent sale,” I was there to shop for vases and bottles. Yes, I found several… and spotted a neglected wire rack and asked if it was for sale. “Yes, $5.00.” At that bargain price, how could I refuse?! Moments later (as I continued to shop), the lady returned and asked if I’d like another identical rack–for $5.00.  How could I refuse? I do not need to shop “bottle tree” or “bottle bush” again!! Now I have seventy (70) new branches for bottles and vases. ~~ FYI: I’ll need help from my “handymen” to bend the arms. I believe it is a “two-man” project: One person holding vice-grips at the site for the bend while second person bends to approximate forty-five degree angle.

exclamation-mark-red-and-smallrejoiceWhen I visited the Internet, researching “bottle trees,” I was shocked by the prices!! As I recall, one “tree” was $140.00. Rejoice with me because of my bargain?!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This website shares interesting information. Maybe my fascination with bottles isn’t unique?? 


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