Blue beer bottles

Blue beer bottlesThis morning, one of the CARE volunteers gave me two blue beer bottles. She is aware of my “bottle mania.” Those are so pretty (imho). Honestly, I didn’t know about blue beer bottles!! I plan to send an email to our RV Park forum requesting their blue discards. I’m eager to prepare a red, white and blue bottles patriotic display.

smiley-face-sadNothing accomplished today; a totally wasted day!!

Sad news (just reached me @ 6:00 PM): A “genealogy cousin” and “shirt tail relative” was killed recently in an auto accident. He was a very valuable member of society in so many areas.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript, October 29, 2016: Are you kidding?? Four dollars for an empty bottle plus shipping!! ~~ Checked… and no shortage of blue bottles on the Internet.

4 comments on “Blue beer bottles

  1. Those are Budweiser Platinum bottles, not a widely available beer. You might have to buy a 6 pack and let one of your helpers drink it for you! Warning it is a HIGH alcohol beer!

    • Jimmy, the thought had already gone through my head that I’d have to purchase if I REALLY desire additional blue bottles. A can of blue paint is undoubtedly less expensive!! I have many clear glass bottles, and vases, so “blue” isn’t a problem. However, those Bud Platinum bottles are a beautiful shade of blue!! ~~ THANKS for your comment. Best wishes; travel safe!!

  2. Julie says:

    Blue and red glass are expensive and expensive to manufacture (red more so than blue) so often a company chooses a mass manufacturing option for color by applying a thin colored plastic wrap that’s very difficult to detect, but when the bond starts to break down, it reveals clear glass. The glass will be out in the elements on the bottle trees, and some of what appears to be beautiful colored glass might be a disappointment over time, including manufactured vases. You’re a very savvy shopper but beware of red and blue glass items, especially those that have been manufactured en mass in the last 10-20 years, but it can also appear in greens.

    It’s fun to read about your enjoyment with these projects. Leaf on (with glass)!

    • Dear, dear Julie, it is always such a joy to read your comments!! SINCERE THANKS for following my blog messages. Thanks for the affirmation of “savvy shopper.” With the “bottle tree” and “bottle bush” project, I have a modest amount of expense. The “bottle bush” and “hanging” display were new but most of the vases and bottles came from thrift shops. I **did* pay $1.00 each for red, and green, at Dollar Tree. Maybe those “mass produced” will eventually peel?!

      To make a point: Tonight many of the CARE residents will get on two of our buses and travel to neighboring towns for two different concerts. One is about “the Adam’s family” (probably Halloween). I’m not interested in spending $15.00 to $55.00 on that type of entertainment. I enjoy my minor expense on bottles and vases. I like to be “creative.” Everyone gets a big laugh when I point out my “bottle weeds.” They say they never heard of “bottle weeds.” So I just started something new?!

      Now I’m wondering if the blue beer bottles are really blue glass or just a coating. I won’t go to the expense of buying the expensive beer–to share with others–so I have the bottles.

      Eighty-six degrees outdoors as I type this message (3:22 PM CDT). Even hotter in the sunshine. Too warm to be working in the yard. Our weather has been much more enjoyable and I’ve been able to work in-and-out of the on-site storage building, and tarp shelter. Soon, I need to work on the stuff in a storage facility down the highway.

      Very best wishes from Lorraine

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