Hours in the “yarden” !!

Two little figs developing

Evacuation preparedness

Lettuce and kale

Homegrown tomatoes and peppers


No, I’m not schizophrenic!! There are many projects to work on and I shift from watering, harvesting, organizing, etc. Evacuation preparedness returned to back of the KIA (best place to “store”). To my delight, the CARE maintenance man, James, bent four “branches” on the wire rack–and will return, after hours, to bend the other branches. For emphasis, I grabbed the sweater (worn this morning) for background.

Bent branches on wire rack

Bent branches with bottles

Vases and Christmas lightsI’m so eager to create a bottle tree Christmas tree. I have strings of small lights that I’ll weave around the “tree” and insert into some clear glass vases.

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