Detective work !!

Truthfully, I evaluate each record to determine if the location is correct, accurate dates, etc. Today, “Henry Brubaker” captured my full attention. I made the mistake of following the example of other individuals with Member Family Trees. I didn’t “copy” but “hints” suggested his parents and siblings. Frankly, I questioned a span of thirty years between siblings. Was there another mother? At this time, I stand alone in my assessment that Henry and his wife and children were living with his elderly father and mother. Isn’t it obvious? Why haven’t others made the same observation?

Three obituaries are lined up waiting for my time and attention. I need to be four people!


Couldn’t stop!! Information spreads in front of me and “begs” to be included with the other family details.

One comment on “Detective work !!

  1. Deb says:

    Check your email for more detective work!

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