Cranky old lady !!

My Christian TV programs are gone and that is a big loss and I’m a cranky old lady.

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) has been replaced by another “Christian” station which I find less desirable. Yesterday, I “messed around” with channel programming thinking TBN would be found at another number. “No.” Early this morning, wide awake, I wanted TBN. I placed a phone call to my cable provider, Spectrum, and voiced my confusion and displeasure. A nice young man helped metried to help mebut he couldn’t come up with an answer. He’s a Texas resident and he was receiving TBN on his TV. He’s sending a technician… later today.

Spectrum sent “a technician” but (IMHO) that was unnecessary. My equipment wasn’t a factor regarding the viewing of TBN. “Technician” said Spectrum has no control over programming (huh?).  ~~~~ “Cranky old lady” sent an email message to TBN.

I took it a step further and sent an email message to First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas. I love the messages by Dr. Robert Jeffress. I used to watch him every morning at 7:00.

Postscript @ twelve-noon: Sleepy and sad.

One comment on “Cranky old lady !!

  1. Deb says:

    A lot of times you can watch programs from whatever network through their own website. You also might find a channel locator on their website, or be able to contact them and ask who carries their network or how you could watch it.

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