One of my three sons posted this on his Facebook page. Perhaps I’m “too analytical” but I question “what”  and “why”  he felt the need to post that message. Personally, yours truly is a “prisoner of [her] past.”

Why did the husband, and father, desert the family?

What motivates three sons to reject their mother? (More than fifteen years have lapsed.)

Why do “Christians” stab other Christians in the back?

One comment on “Perplexed

  1. Deb says:

    Can’t speak for him, but I often post things that I think are just plain, good advice. I’ve posted messages very similar to that. I don’t think I have a bad past; I just think it’s good, general advice. Maybe someone who chose a bad partner for a relationship, maybe someone who had an alcohol problem, maybe someone who made a fool of themselves in front of others, or made a simple mistake. There can be lots of reasons. I don’t think you should personalize it.

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