“You’re an artist”

Those kind words from a customer yesterday. I took some “wire” objects from “free stuff” and matched them to some “free” bottles and vases. No, they didn’t go together like “hand in glove”; it required some “tweaking.” ~~ I already miss my garden and it’s still in plain sight.


It’s chilly in the heavily shaded yard. A very pleasant day according to TV meteorologist. Below: pictures of plants in my yard, in late afternoon sunshine.


Ready, set, “go” !!

Everything is priced; the yard is attractive (inviting?) Leaves, and small limbs, burned in fire barrel. Curious situation: I saw a strange item at the base of the barrel. “What’s that?”  I raked it away… and discovered it was (is) my little badge. “Where’s the magnet?”  Soon, I found the magnet. They popped off the sweater while I was raking leaves and depositing them into the fire barrel. So shame, shame, Lorraine still in operation.

Shame, shame, Lorraine !!

Hey, this is my “journal”  and the place I document my activities. I’m wearing my little badge which states Evicted from CARE Center.”  This is the week of the big fund-raiser for CARE so a lot of extra activity at Rainbow’s End RV Park. “Shame, shame, Lorraine”  because I’m “stirring the manure pile.” ~~ **If** a yard sale customer asks about the badge, I’ll explain. If they don’t ask “I don’t tell.”  Furthermore, this is an opportunity to talk about the cell-phone tower we don’t want in our backyard!!

March madness ??

This old lady isn’t interested in the mania (“March Madness”). Furthermore, she isn’t celebrating “National Puppy Day.” Dogs–and Lorraine–have a poor history. Years ago, while “dog sitting,” a strong young canine pulled me down (while walking) and my right arm was broken due to the fall. This past year, likewise “dog sitting,” the mother-with-puppies bite my leg (and I still have the scar). I’m better at “plant sitting” (lol).

Inch by inch, it’s a cinch !!

If I’d been wearing a pedometer, the number of steps would have been substantial?! ~~ Lots of free stuff versus possible overpriced items. Customers may complain but I know the value of the items–and these are “half-price.” Easy to drop the prices after a period of time. I expect to “drag out” the sale for several weeks; “weather” is in my favor and “I have more time than money”  (lol) .