Oh, what fun !!

In a TV commercial for NutriSystem, Marie Osmond says “Oh, what fun.”  That was my feelingand expressionas I opened the package and saw the wiggly worms. The previous order was a disappointment because the little fellows were invisible to this old lady’s fading eyesight. I emailed Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm and asked if they were microscopic and hibernating. The answer was “yes, yes.” I wasn’t lodging a complaint; I was just asking two questions. A young man was extremely thoughtful, kind, and considerate–and promptly said he would send more worms. (“Customer Service” [for some companies] isn’t always so thoughtful, kind, and considerate.) After the worms were dumped in the center tube of the Garden Tower, I mixed good garden soil with wet shredded paper and dumped it on top of the worms. Now the worms can work their “nutri-system” throughout the Tower. It’s called vermicomposting and the little fellows play a big role in a healthy garden. FYI: The entire Tower is their “bin” and they roam around and aerate the soil, and leave their casting. My job is to feed them my veggie scraps.

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