Attention to details !!

Rainstorms have been extremely good for my vegetable garden. The weather has forced me to work indoors and that means sitting at the computer. I’ve spent hours documenting (for a friend-cousin) and NEVER found a connection to my extended family. I’m not complaining; in the future, I may find a connection. My effort may be helpful to another Ancestry subscriber. I encountered individuals with the surname “Deal” and suspected they were descendants of immigrants with the surname “Diehl.” I recognized the possibility that I might have duplicates where the (recent) individual’s “hint” arrived with “Deal” and I already had them in my database as “Diehl.” Solution: Have two computers side-by-side with one listing “Deal” and the other listing “Diehl.” The lists were checked and one duplicate located. A lot of time… but I “deal” with details (lol).

More than three hundred individuals added to my Ancestry database in two days. It isn’t a simple matter of “adding an individual.” There may be five to fifteen “sources” to add to the record. Here is a comparison: The name is like a garment hanging on a rack. The sources put a man or woman in the garment. (Attention to details!!)

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