Attention to details !!

Rainstorms have been extremely good for my vegetable garden. The weather has forced me to work indoors and that means sitting at the computer. I’ve spent hours documenting (for a friend-cousin) and NEVER found a connection to my extended family. I’m not complaining; in the future, I may find a connection. My effort may be helpful to another Ancestry subscriber. I encountered individuals with the surname “Deal” and suspected they were descendants of immigrants with the surname “Diehl.” I recognized the possibility that I might have duplicates where the (recent) individual’s “hint” arrived with “Deal” and I already had them in my database as “Diehl.” Solution: Have two computers side-by-side with one listing “Deal” and the other listing “Diehl.” The lists were checked and one duplicate located. A lot of time… but I “deal” with details (lol).

More than three hundred individuals added to my Ancestry database in two days. It isn’t a simple matter of “adding an individual.” There may be five to fifteen “sources” to add to the record. Here is a comparison: The name is like a garment hanging on a rack. The sources put a man or woman in the garment. (Attention to details!!)

Wide awake at 2:00 AM

After a couple of sleepless hours in bed, I moved to my comfortable chair and turned on the TV. Frequently I “nap” in the chair with a TV program. Tonight I stumbled on a new (new to me) Christian program (on TBN). Personally, I was thrilled to seeand heartheir powerful message. It is D. James Kennedy Ministries Truths That Transform. I suggest my readers take the time to watch the program. (Wide awake at 2:00 AM and publishing this at 2:50 AM.)

God bless you and God Bless America.


Below is the “comment” I posted with the record of Dale Royer–in my Ancestry database.

On a personal note: I believe my Heavenly Father (God) directs my research projects. It goes way back to the late 1980s when I first started researching the Frantz family. Along the way, I became acquainted with hundreds of cousins. One husband and wife team was extremely helpful and provided volumes of family history. That couple: Dale Royer and Gladys (Cool) Royer. As a guest in their home, I enjoyed their hospitality many times. TODAY, I had an urge to revisit “Royer” in my Ancestry database. There are more than 200 “Royer” and I researched many… andwhere neededdocumented their birth and death dates. Spouses and children were added. After “Wilson Royer,” (the end) I hastened to Dale’s record and planned to add the comment “Thinking of you.” ~~ Note that today is the ninth anniversary of Dale’s death. ***I did not know that. It was not in my memory.*** To God be the Glory, great things He has done!!


One-hundred-fifty (150) individuals added to my Ancestry database today.

Another milestone, another accomplishment !!


Remember, I spent about three months working on the ancestry for our kind, thoughtful, helpful, considerate, RV Park owner-manager. (His information is in a separate tree.) He is home from the hospital but is still suffering health-wise. ~~ Two BIG accomplishments today: (1) Established my vegetable garden, and (2) more “cousins by the dozens.”

Let us eat healthy !!

Lettuce — eat healthy!! ~~~~~ The “Tower” was neglected for several years. I’m happy to be “gardening” again.



This Waco resident should have started the project when it was much cooler, much earlier. Extremely hot and humid between ten and noon.

Saved by the rain !!

I was hotand tired!! However, I had a project in mind and couldn’t stop until it was finished. Gratefully, the project was finished and the rain forced me indoors.



Recently, I was questioned about the pipe framework. I said it was constructed (in North Carolina) for Topsy-Turvy upside-down tomato plants. Their comment: “It doesn’t work.”  So I was determined to prepare… and pray the plant grows well.  ~~~ Just as I took the picture (left) it started to sprinkle. Within a couple of minutes, it was a downpour!! So I was liberated from the garden project and free to prepare this blog message. Speaking of “downpour.” it’s pounding the roof and it sounds like I’m inside a drum.



Can I stop for lunch now??

Afternoon activities

For the third time in ten days, I drove alone to The Home Depot and purchased planter soil. I was “motivated” to put the soil in planters but it was extremely hot and humid. I was forced to trade the yard for the comfort of my trailer home. I’ll continue the job this evening.

Late afternoon; early evening.



Le Purpose Driven Life

I didn’t want to plagiarize the title of this blog from the book titled The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. Hense “Le (Lorraine Edwards) Purpose Driven Life.” Hey, I just want to say it’s a “good Friday” as we prepare a salad lunch for “Mr. Red”the owner-manager of this RV Park. For the most part, I’m off my derriere and away from the computer. (The exception being this brief message.) Wishing my readers a “good Friday” and a blessed weekend.

Peculiar purpose ??

Abandoned Ancestry for food preparation. ~~ Several days ago, I made potato soup for “Mr. Red”the ownermanager of this RV Park. He’s home now but he spent a week in the hospital. My potato soup was frozen so it’s available at a future date. Today, I thawed several containers of “leftovers” and added onions, carrots, potatoes, and cabbage. It is a delicious soup that will (likewise) be frozen and available at a future date. “Why?”  Many of the RV Park residents are determined to “make ‘Mr. Red’ healthy.”  We plan to serve salad(s) each lunch hourin the clubhouse. We’ll attempt to break his “fast food” habit. My “peculiar purpose” today is a salad for lunch and soup for supper. ~~ Later this year, I hope to have home-grown lettuce, tomatoes, and other salad veggies–to share with my RV Park family. ~~The Coronavirus has seriously affected our RV Park family. “Yours truly,” and other residents, seldom leave their home. We need the fellowship–and salad lunches are a beginning. I confess to “too few salads” this past year and too few nutritious meals. I’ll have a reason to get out of my pajamas, dress attractive, and mingle with other residents. It may start “small” but we’ll constantly invite others to join us. This inspires me to spend more time in my veggie garden.


Stand for America — and Israel

I signed the petition–and want to share the message with my readers.


Stand For America Logo

Fellow American,

Israel is being attacked by violent rioters and the terrorist group Hamas.

America must stand strong alongside our ally and friend.

This is why I am calling on every member of Stand For America to rush their signature to our STAND WITH ISRAEL PLEDGE right now, so we can let the White House know how critical it is to support our allies.

It is a shame that some on the Left are pushing misinformation and anti-Israel propaganda that stokes the flames.

President Biden has called for restraint on both sides, but what he should be doing is having Israelb s back.

Now is the time to stand strong with Israel against a TERRORIST assault.

It should not be a difficult choice.

Yet, President Biden is too focused on Trump policy reversal to do what is right.

You and I know that Biden could put a stop to this right now.

As U.N. Ambassador I worked alongside the Trump Administration to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem and always stood up for our allies at the U.N. This put the world on notice and set the tone for U.S. foreign policy.

Hamas is testing the Biden administration because they donb t think he will do anything severe.

Inaction is unacceptable.

Join Stand For America immediately and sign our STAND WITH ISRAEL PLEDGE.

I founded Stand For America to promote public policy that strengthens Americab s economy, security, and culture.

Stand For America is making headlines and making an impact. And together, we can raise the alarm for these threats to our nation, and make the world a safer place.

Please join Stand For America by signing our STAND WITH ISRAEL PLEDGE right away.

Thank you for standing with me in this mission.

My very best,

Nikki R. Haley