Below is the “comment” I posted with the record of Dale Royer–in my Ancestry database.

On a personal note: I believe my Heavenly Father (God) directs my research projects. It goes way back to the late 1980s when I first started researching the Frantz family. Along the way, I became acquainted with hundreds of cousins. One husband and wife team was extremely helpful and provided volumes of family history. That couple: Dale Royer and Gladys (Cool) Royer. As a guest in their home, I enjoyed their hospitality many times. TODAY, I had an urge to revisit “Royer” in my Ancestry database. There are more than 200 “Royer” and I researched many… andwhere neededdocumented their birth and death dates. Spouses and children were added. After “Wilson Royer,” (the end) I hastened to Dale’s record and planned to add the comment “Thinking of you.” ~~ Note that today is the ninth anniversary of Dale’s death. ***I did not know that. It was not in my memory.*** To God be the Glory, great things He has done!!


One-hundred-fifty (150) individuals added to my Ancestry database today.

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