Stand for America — and Israel

I signed the petition–and want to share the message with my readers.


Stand For America Logo

Fellow American,

Israel is being attacked by violent rioters and the terrorist group Hamas.

America must stand strong alongside our ally and friend.

This is why I am calling on every member of Stand For America to rush their signature to our STAND WITH ISRAEL PLEDGE right now, so we can let the White House know how critical it is to support our allies.

It is a shame that some on the Left are pushing misinformation and anti-Israel propaganda that stokes the flames.

President Biden has called for restraint on both sides, but what he should be doing is having Israelb s back.

Now is the time to stand strong with Israel against a TERRORIST assault.

It should not be a difficult choice.

Yet, President Biden is too focused on Trump policy reversal to do what is right.

You and I know that Biden could put a stop to this right now.

As U.N. Ambassador I worked alongside the Trump Administration to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem and always stood up for our allies at the U.N. This put the world on notice and set the tone for U.S. foreign policy.

Hamas is testing the Biden administration because they donb t think he will do anything severe.

Inaction is unacceptable.

Join Stand For America immediately and sign our STAND WITH ISRAEL PLEDGE.

I founded Stand For America to promote public policy that strengthens Americab s economy, security, and culture.

Stand For America is making headlines and making an impact. And together, we can raise the alarm for these threats to our nation, and make the world a safer place.

Please join Stand For America by signing our STAND WITH ISRAEL PLEDGE right away.

Thank you for standing with me in this mission.

My very best,

Nikki R. Haley

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