Peculiar purpose ??

Abandoned Ancestry for food preparation. ~~ Several days ago, I made potato soup for “Mr. Red”the ownermanager of this RV Park. He’s home now but he spent a week in the hospital. My potato soup was frozen so it’s available at a future date. Today, I thawed several containers of “leftovers” and added onions, carrots, potatoes, and cabbage. It is a delicious soup that will (likewise) be frozen and available at a future date. “Why?”  Many of the RV Park residents are determined to “make ‘Mr. Red’ healthy.”  We plan to serve salad(s) each lunch hourin the clubhouse. We’ll attempt to break his “fast food” habit. My “peculiar purpose” today is a salad for lunch and soup for supper. ~~ Later this year, I hope to have home-grown lettuce, tomatoes, and other salad veggies–to share with my RV Park family. ~~The Coronavirus has seriously affected our RV Park family. “Yours truly,” and other residents, seldom leave their home. We need the fellowship–and salad lunches are a beginning. I confess to “too few salads” this past year and too few nutritious meals. I’ll have a reason to get out of my pajamas, dress attractive, and mingle with other residents. It may start “small” but we’ll constantly invite others to join us. This inspires me to spend more time in my veggie garden.


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