Time heals all wounds ?

“Time” has been a subject on my mind recently. The “time” listed on my desktop computer has been wrong since the purchase about fifteen months ago. I corrected the error this morning. “Time” has been on my mind because at this time forty-four years ago, I was preparing for my marriage to Don Edwards. We were married on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, in the beautiful gardens of Westmont College Campus, in Montecito, Santa Barbara County, California. A cruel assessment of the union: It was the marriage from Hell. Directly, and indirectly, it put a strain on my relationship with my three sons–and they rejected me. “Time heals all wounds?”  I pray the time arrives when I am reconciled with my sons. (Parenthetically: “Family” is very important to me and that’s one reason I spend so much time [on Ancestry] weaving families together.)

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