“Mary, Mary, quite contrary…

how does your garden grow?

Very well, thank you!!


In one week’s time, look at the healthy “Topsy-turvy” tomato plant. It reveals four baby tomatoes (in one week). And the bell pepper plant has one “baby” and I anticipate many more!!


I need to make another trip to The Home Depot for more planter soil. I’ve started cucumbers in “starter pots”and Impatiens for hanging baskets. This is getting to be an expensive projectand will get even more expensive when I receive the water bill!! I could buy a lot of veggies for the price of the soil and plantsbut this is my prescription to better health. I must get more fresh air and exercise!!



3:15 PM and I have to admit that I don’t do anything in moderation. As so often confessed, I spend too many hours at the computer doing Ancestry. Today, I can’t seem to find “a stopping point”  so I keep working in the yard. Since I published the earlier portion of this message, I checked the bell pepper plant and there are six or seven more buds ready to open!! Hallelujah!!

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