Two-percent perspiration…

…and ninety-eight-percent inspiration.

For two days, I have been trying different ways to get my feet higher than my head. Boxes with a sleeping bag on top didn’t work because the sleeping bag crept away!! Now, this isn’t “higher than my head” but it is a comfortable way to rest my feet and legs while sitting in my easy chair watching TV.  I “sit” a lot because my legs hurt a lot. ~~ It has been thirty minutes since “the inspiration,” pictures, and publication!! ~~  The picture’s peculiarity (color-wise) is the left-side picture without a flash and the right-side picture with a flash.


An hour later and I’m here to say: “Necessity is the mother of invention.”  It took a couple of days to figure a way to use things I already have in and around my home. The sleeping bag in the chair was comfortable but the goose-down sleeping bag collapses down to nothing under the weight of my feet and legs. This is worth a try?! (Far better than taking an Aleve?)

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