Surprise, surprise !!

Amazing?! I walked away from the computer and got a lot done this afternoon and evening. Why? Because I found my “round tuit.” Seriously, I have a “round tuit” (and I found it). It is light brown color leather, about the size of a quarter. Among other things, this evening I unpacked my jewelry and put it in a convenient location. So far, I haven’t left my new home very often but I suspect I’ll “go” more often when the weather improves. Furthermore, I’m attending activities here at the RV Park and going to Church. I plan to wear “dressy” dresses and jewelry. Some of my wardrobe hasn’t been worn for many years. Why? Because I spent most of my time in “grubby” clothes working in the yard. Or “grubby” clothes sitting at the computer!! I was essentially a hermit when I lived in Livingston and that is not going to happen here.

Too few hands ?!

The last few mornings, I’ve vowed to NOT sit down to the computer–and Ancestry. However, my email brings another request or beneficial valuable ancestry information. I plan to only “do” a little genealogy while drinking my cup of coffee. I was still “at it” at 1:30 in the morning!! There are so many projects waiting for my time and attention, so many projects relating to the recent move from Livingston to Waco. I need to clone myself!!

On-line dating ?

Moments ago (4:00 PM), it occurred to me that I am “on-line dating.” For two days I have been researching members of my “Coffin” family and sending the names and dates, via email, to a researcher in Indiana. Doesn’t that sound like “on-line dating”?

Good, bad, and interesting folks…

…in my Ancestry  “tree.” Here is a Wikipedia link plus two articles about Rosebud Yellow Robe, wife of Alfred Arthur Frantz. She was the great-grandniece of Sitting Bull. Alfred’s ancestry is still unknown so I can’t identify his “cousin” relationship to this writer.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer (WA) – Wednesday, October 7, 1992


Rosebud Yellow Robe Frantz, a great-grandniece of Chief Sitting Bull who devoted her life to making American Indian culture available to others, died on Monday at Calvary Hospital in the Bronx, N.Y. She was 85, and had lived in Forest Hills, N.Y., and Douglaston, N.Y., since 1928.

She died of cancer, said Marjorie Weinberg, a family friend.

As director of the Indian Village at Jones Beach State Park on Long Island from 1930 to 1950, Rosebud, as she preferred to be called, enthralled legions of visitors with information about and stories from Indian culture.

Rosebud, who was born near Rapid City, S.D., was a descendant of the Lakota-Oyate, called the Sioux by the white settlers. Through her family’s prominence, she came to know many well-known figures like President Calvin Coolidge, whom she helped induct into Lakota membership in 1927; and Cecil B. DeMille, who tried to persuade her to star in his films.

Last year, Edward Castle, a reporter for The Las Vegas Sun, contended that it was her name that inspired Orson Welles to make ”Rosebud” the last word spoken by Charles Foster Kane, the protagonist of his 1941 film, ”Citizen Kane.”

After leaving her post at Jones Beach in 1950, Rosebud continued to lecture and write on Indian culture.

*  *  *  *  *  *  * 

Los Angeles Times (CA) – Friday, October 9, 1992

Deceased Name: Rosebud Frantz; Named Linked to ‘Citizen Kane’

Rosebud Yellow Robe Frantz, a great-grandniece of Chief Sitting Bull who has been cited as the possible source of the mysterious term “Rosebud” in the classic film “Citizen Kane,” has died in New York. She was 85.

Rosebud, as she preferred to be known, was director for many years of the Indian Village at Jones Beach State Park and enthralled visitors with tales of Indian culture and her Lakota Sioux ancestors. She died Monday.

In the 1930s, she worked at the CBS radio network with Orson Welles, who later directed “Citizen Kane” and played the title role. The Las Vegas Sun once published a theory that when Charles Foster Kane, the protagonist of the movie, uttered “Rosebud” as his last word, it was in reference to her.