eXperiment ?!

Live and learn?!

Temperature early morning

Temperature about six-thirty

Temperature at six-forty

Condensation on window

Condensation and angel
Smiley face with one thumbs up one down

I’ll report back to let you know whether my trailer home remained cooler…. I’m curious!! Will extremely cold interior (overnight) translate to cooler temperature indoors later in the day?? Maybe our triple digit temperature is just an overload for a “recreation vehicle” air-conditioner??

Temperature at eleven

Temperature at twelve

Temperature at three

Temperature at four

Temperature at five

Indoor and outdoor at fiveThe conclusion; the answer to my experiment: Very cold, inside, at night, does not guarantee inside will be cool in the afternoon.Smiley face disappointed

Outdoor temperature at eight

Indoor outdoor temperature at eight-fifteen

Freezing indoors at three-thirtyPostscript, Sunday morning, July 26th: This borders on insanity?! The trailer is freezing cold; I am wearing a jacket and fuzzy slippers. Punishment at all hours of the day: Freezing in the morning and baking in the afternoon!!

FYI: I “upped” the thermostat, went back to bed, and covered up with a blanket!!

Eighty degrees indoors and outdoors

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