Wednesday’s Chronicle

Feels like 101

Forecast for the week

Temperature at one-fourteen

Temperature at four-twenty


Remember the saying “Houston, we have a problem”?? ~~ Well, eighty miles from Houston (more or less), “Lorraine, you have a problem.”

I spent the afternoon in the CARE Center with a good book and a very informative seminar with our wonderful nurse practitioner. I came “home” to check the temperature–and will promptly return to the air-conditioned CARE Center.


Actual temp at five-fifteen

Feels like 109 at five-fifteen


Door wide openClose up of thermometerTrue story: I lived on the Mojave Desert of Southern California for over forty years. I never suffered from the heat the way I suffer in Texas.


90 degrees at eight-thirtyBy opening the door, there was perceived relief–in some small measure. The inside of my trailer home felt like a sauna!!


MidnightIt’s a miracle!! When I went to bed–about ten–the trailer was “an oven.” I honestly believed the air-conditioner was defunct. What a wonderful surprise!! 

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