A very very very good Friday !!

A sunny (but not very warm) day and I left home to accomplish a couple of tasks. I found the proper office and signed up to vote in Waco. A very nice lady assisted and even stated she would advise Polk County of my relocation. Then I went to the enormous H.E.B.-Plus  for groceries.  Oops! Before H.E.B., I stopped at an enormous Goodwill Outlet. I bought a large red stuffed dog because “red” is the accent color in my living-room dining-room. The Goodwill  clerk was chatty and told me about the Dr. Pepper Museum and other sites of interest. While in the market, I approached a “bank” (in the store) and inquired about opening an account. Another very nice lady was eager to help me and, in my humble opinion, she (the Assistant Manager) walked “the second mile” for me. (I won’t elaborate the details but “over and above” helpful.) Several hours were spent browsing the huge market (close to my new home). While I was checking out, the clerk was chatty and very helpful. She–and the young lady who bagged my groceries–offered to take my groceries to my car and unload them. Honestly, all this kindness and helpfulness is new to me.

**If** I could add pictures to this blog message, I would introduce the reader to “Red.” Furthermore, the title of this blog would have been “Lorraine adopted a dog.” That title would capture the attention of some of my dog-owner friends.

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