“Thirty days has September…

April, June and November.”

Thirty days in Waco, Texas–but I couldn’t think of any rhyming words to emphasize the occasion. I only enjoyed half a night’s sleep because so many things “to do.”

One item haunts me: Register the car within thirty days. But here are the qualifications: (1) Inspection and get a certificate; (2) current registration; (3) proof of insurance; (4) cash or credit card. “They” won’t take a check that isn’t “local” with my name and address printed on the check.

I’ve only left my new home twice this month. If I drive around I’ll see an inspection station. But where is a Bank? I did a Google search for the Texas Dept. of Motor Vehicles and have their address. Google Maps says “fifteen-minutes” drive. That will be a nightmare experience (for me) because of the horrible traffic.

I need to register to vote before February 2nd. (Reregister because I’ve voted consistently in Livingston.) I went on the Internet, found the proper site, and filled in all the required information only to read (at the bottom of the page) that I need to print the form and mail to Elections Administration Office. I don’t have a printer and I seldom need a printer. That office is located “about a fifteen-minute drive.”

**If** the weather had been pleasant, I would have braved the traffic. It just didn’t make sense (to me) to drive in rain, or fog, in an unknown city, in un-Godly traffic.

This illustration comes to my mind: I’m running on a track and I have “hurdles” I need to jump every few feet. Can you picture it in your mind?

Thirty days in Waco….

3 comments on ““Thirty days has September…

  1. Deb says:

    See where your nearest library is. They almost always have computers and printers you can use. A UPS Store or Office Depot can also print things for you. They each have an email address where you can email them something you want printed. I think 2 pages I emailed them cost me around 37 cents last time I went to Office Depot. They also have self service copiers at the office stores. Remember now that you are in a city to make your trips during non-rush hour. I also try to get out before school lets out, which adds to the traffic.

    • Deb, I just saw your comment on an earlier blog message. Maybe I don’t receive a notice (anymore) because Windows-7 isn’t supported?! I was scrolling through the social media section and saw two comments I wasn’t aware of.

      Yes, I have a lot more options now that I live near a city.

      Love and hugs from Lorraine

      *P.S. If so inclined, please take a few minutes to visit my blog at *Three Quarters And Counting *.*

      On Sat, Feb 1, 2020 at 8:44 PM Three Quarters & Counting wrote:


  2. Sincere THANKS for the reminder that I have options now that I live near a city.

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