Hoppin’ mad !!!

Even my relatives can’t accurately document the family!! I arrived at Benjamin Franklin Traxler via a circuitous route. I was climbing a different branch of the tree and found an individual who was buried in the LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery in LaVerne, Los Angeles County, California. So I did a detour to add details about the book I published (1989) with the title LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions. That prompted me to add the information to my grandparents (who [indirectly] prompted me to prepare the publication). While working with Grandma (Traxler) Frantz, my eye caught “Benjamin Franklin Traxler.” I thought: “Hum, that’s not right.”  Her brother was Benjamin Harrison Traxler. I rushed head-long into accurate descriptions. “Descriptions” meant pictures. The sad truth: There were a dozen Ancestry Member Family Trees with the wrong information. “They” copied… and I suspect “they” didn’t even read the details about the individuals. If I had a dollar for every mistake I’ve corrected, I’d be rich!! (LOL)  🙂 


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