Hoppin’ mad !!!

“The old lady”  is up to her earlobes with requests for assistance with their family history. She was reminded of this earlier blog message (below) published on 17 Mar 2019. I have a strong dislike for Ancestry  Member Family Trees. Here’s the link to another message that is amusing. ~~ No time to “blog” but time to search back through old messages while enjoying the second cup of coffee.

Even my relatives can’t accurately document the family!! I arrived at Benjamin Franklin Traxler via a circuitous route. I was climbing a different branch of the tree and found an individual who was buried in the LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery in LaVerne, Los Angeles County, California. So I did a detour to add details about the book I published (1989) with the title LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions. That prompted me to add the information to my grandparents (who [indirectly] prompted me to prepare the publication). While working with Grandma (Traxler) Frantz, my eye caught “Benjamin Franklin Traxler.” I thought: “Hum, that’s not right.”  Her brother was Benjamin Harrison Traxler. I rushed head-long into accurate descriptions. “Descriptions” meant pictures. The sad truth: There were a dozen Ancestry Member Family Trees with the wrong information. “They” copied… and I suspect “they” didn’t even read the details about the individuals. If I had a dollar for every mistake I’ve corrected, I’d be rich!! (LOL)  🙂 


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