New “pet peeve”

In the old days… it was relatively “cut and dried” to document marriage and children (in Ancestry). I mean “in the old days” 1800’s, 1900’s. Starting with “my generation,” there are multiple marriages, and multiple divorces. It’s a nightmare attempting to document the individuals due to name changes! Furthermore, the children appear with the step-parent in Census records and  Ancestry Member Family Tree individuals include them (copy them) and  trees are “wrong, wrong, wrong.” During the weekend, I spend entire days working with one large family. My thought: “Poor Josiah Frantz (1858-1942) and Lydia (1858-1930).” Well, on second thought I guess they didn’t live long enough to question the guest who arrived at a holiday meal.

“Never let it rest, until your good is better, and your better best.”

I thoughtfully, accurately, document the family because I may never have the privilege of visiting this family again.(“Double” second and third  cousins. What does “double”  mean? In 1852, two Frantz cousins married and had eleven children. Yours truly loss count of the number of grandchildren.)

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