Pat on the back ?!

Due to the move (perhaps), I did not receive my 1099R from Los Angeles County. Because I wasn’t going into Ancestry today, I mustered enough energy to call Los Angeles. While “waiting” for a real live person to talk to, I listened to their comprehensive messages. I could accomplish my goal by going to their website. Ten minutes later, and no “customer service,” I hung up and went to the website. It was extremely simple, and I can now prepare my income tax for this year. I’ve been “stressed” because April 15th is “just around the corner.”  OMG, taxes, yard sale, and long straight hair.

Due to the move (specifically), I don’t have access to the wonderful barber-stylist who sets up shop at the CARE Center on Thursday mornings. It was so convenient… and he had a knack with my fine hair and cowlicks. Went to Walmart Salon one time and two hour wait. “No thanks.”

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