Uncomplicate my life ?!

My possessions clutter the living quarters, porch, yard, carport and storage building. The weather has been too disagreeable to spend time outdoors. (Thick fog yesterday morning, and rain last night. This is a cold, gloomy morning.)

Yesterday I discovered I have an uninvited guest. It may be a GIANT cockroach, or mouse or rat. The rooms were almost dark; the only light was the television as I watched America’s Got Talent Champions. Something moved across the floor: “OMG, what’s that?”  Now I have “Decon” on my grocery list. But the traffic here terrifies me and I’ve neglected grocery shopping and other trips. I need to go to DMV to change the address on my driver’s license. Is it too late to register (here) to vote? I won’t bore you with the TO DO list.

Yes, my head has been in the computer (lol).


“To do or not to do, that is the question.”  I love the computer(s) but they operate on Windows-7 and that operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft. As commented earlier, numerous problems with my “old” laptop. I’m rarely able to upload pictures from my “old” Canon camera. I love taking pictures and adding them to my blog. Do I buy a new computer and a new camera? ~~ Perhaps I’m experiencing a router” problem and I should leave the local provider (Spectrum) and return to Hughes Internet service?

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